食品饮料在新鲜的时候是最好的,闻起来特别好,看起来特别具有食欲。 "letou国际米兰官网精机"泵能够以清洁、平稳的方式将高级介质在整个加工阶段进行输送。 我们的泵为您的生产工艺开辟了新可能。 针对高粘度的介质,我们提供带有螺旋"letou国际米兰官网精机"泵,以便进行平稳地处理介质。


食品饮料行业中的应用要求需要不同的泵系统。 letou国际米兰官网工业转子泵和单螺杆泵均可为您的工艺提供最佳解决方案。 针对一些应用情况,使用工业转子泵和单螺杆泵均可。 letou国际米兰官网作为两种泵技术的生产商,将提供全面的、权威的建议,使得泵技术最适合于您的应用要求。

Pump for food and beverage industry

Food and drink are the best when they are fresh. It smells especially good and looks particularly appetizing. "Gpilot fine machine" to pump clean and smooth the way the senior media are transported throughout the processing stage. Our pump has opened up a new possibility for your production process. For high viscosity medium, we provide a "Gpilot Seiki" spiral pump, in order to smooth processing medium.

The best solution for various application requirements

The application of the food and beverage industry requires different pump systems. Gpilot industrial rotor pump and single screw pump can provide the best solution for your process. In view of the application situation,the industrial rotor pump and the single screw pump can be used. Gpilot as two pump technology manufacturers, will provide comprehensive and authoritative advice, make the pump technology best suited to your application requirements.

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